Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

Belorechensky district is a land of picturesque landscapes, unique natural resources and rich investment opportunities. Founded by Cossacks more than 150 years ago in the fertile valley of the Belaya River, the Belorechensky District is today a territory of active economic growth, and is included in the administrative borders of the Krasnodar Territory, the most dynamically developing subject of the Russian Federation.

Located on an area of 1,330 square kilometers, the Belorechensky District combines a rich variety of landscapes: extensive fertile plains, dense forests, mountain rivers and the picturesque foothills of the Caucasian ridge.

108.8 thousand people live in the district, of which 51.9 thousand people inhabit the administrative center - the city of Belorechensk. The population density is 81.8 people per 1 square. km The share of urban residents accounted for 47.7%, rural 52.3%.

Over the past years, the Belorechensky district continued the dynamic development of many sectors of the economy in the municipality, maintaining a stable position in the economic space of the Krasnodar region.

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In 2018, there was an improvement in most indicators of the socio-economic development of the district. Positive growth rates were formed: in the manufacturing industry (115.4%); in mining operations (133.8%); in providing electricity, gas, steam (109.7%); in agriculture (103.2%); in terms of transportation and storage services (107.5%); by retail trade turnover (105.3%); on housing construction (132.4%).

Wages increased by 10.0%, the number of employees - by 2.3%, the wage fund amounted to 112.6% of the 2017 level.

Stable situation in the labor market. The unemployment rate at the end of 2018 was 0.7% of the working-age population of working age, the figure corresponds to the level of 2017.

The net financial result is positive - 2,107.8 million rubles, which is 2.4 times higher than the level of 2017, and the profit of profitable enterprises increased 2.9 times.

The industry of the district is represented by 228 enterprises, of which 22 are large and medium. The industry leaders and socially significant are LLC Evrokhim-BMU, which produces mineral fertilizers for the whole country and neighboring countries, LLC Southern Juice Company, which produces the famous brand of natural fruit juices Vico and Juicy Valley, OOO Victoria the largest confectionery manufacturer in Kuban, Belorechenskaya Poultry Farm CJSC, Kuban-Ti LLC, hosiery factory, E 1 furniture factory, Belorechensky greenhouse complex.

In the structure of the basic branches of the municipal formation of the Belorechensky District, industry accounts for more than 57.0%.

The industrial complex has a decisive influence on the development of the regions economy, on the level and quality of life of its population. The district enterprises produce mineral fertilizers, juices and nectars, canned vegetables and fruits, bread and bakery products, pastry flour products, packaged tea, furniture, building materials and structures. Mining is underway.

The industry of the region is based on processing industries, which in 2018 account for over 97.1% of industrial products sent to customers.

For 2018, industrial production shipped products worth 24,734.0 million rubles, or 115.3% of the same period last year.

In the extraction of non-metallic materials, the volume of goods shipped amounted to 208.0 million rubles, which is 1.3 times more than the 2017 level.

Manufacturing industries shipped goods of own production in the amount of 24,020.8 million rubles. (115.4%), the share of chemical products accounted for 61.2%, food - 36.2%.

The volume of mineral fertilizers shipped in 2018 amounted to 123.2% of the 2017 level, in real terms mineral fertilizers produced 4.6% more than in 2017.

Food producers sent products worth 8,688.7 million rubles to customers, or 104.9% of the 2017 level.

Production of juices from fruits and vegetables in physical terms in 2018 increased by 4.5%; tea of ​green and black packaged 97.8% of last years level; canned fruit and vegetables: without vinegar - 1.9 times more than last year; with vinegar - 1.6 times; bread and bakery products - 81.4%.

In the production of other non-metallic mineral products in 2018, buyers sent building materials to 72.1% of last year's level, the demand for ready-mixed concrete decreased (70.3%). The production of products for the following positions has grown: products from cement, concrete and artificial stone - 2 times, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures by 0.1%.

Furniture production grew by 19.0%.

By type of economic activity: "Provision of electric energy, gas and steam; air conditioning" - the growth rate was 109.7%; "Water supply; water disposal, organization of waste collection and disposal, pollution control activities - 81.2%.

In 2018, agricultural enterprises of large and medium-sized businesses shipped products worth 1,088.5 million rubles. (103.2%).

Agricultural producers of all forms of ownership of the region in 2013 produced 123.8 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops, which is 15.6 thousand tons more than in 2017. The yield of grain crops was 53.3 centners per hectare, including winter wheat 54.6 centners / ha.

In 2018, agricultural machinery of both imported and domestic production was significantly updated for a total of 110.7 million rubles. (tillage equipment, tractor), which allowed to work in agrotechnical terms. Under the harvest of 2019, in the autumn of 2018, 17.745 thousand hectares of winter cereal grains and 1.940 thousand hectares of winter rape were sown.

The number of cattle in the area at the end of 2018 in all forms of management amounted to 6,589 heads, which is 131 heads more than in 2017. The number of cows in all forms of management increased by 56 heads to the level of 2017 and amounted to 3,797 heads. The number of sheep livestock increased by 87 heads compared with 2017 and amounted to 10,748 heads.

All forms of management produced 26,685 tons of milk, which is 137 tons more than in 2017.

63,485 thousand square meters of housing was commissioned, or 132.4% of the same period in 2017, including 60.993 thousand square meters (140.3%) of individual developers and two residential buildings of mass development with a total area of 2.492 thousand square meters. sq.m, 60 apartments.

Indicators of large and medium-sized enterprises in transportation and storage in 2018 amounted to 706.6 million rubles. (107.5%).

Retail turnover of large and medium-sized enterprises, taking into account the separate divisions and branches in 2018, amounted to 5,556.6 million rubles, or 109.2% of last year's level in a comparable estimate (2017 - 103.8%).

49.2% of the retail trade turnover is occupied by food products, including beverages and tobacco products (a year earlier - 52.0%), the growth rate here was 102.0% taking into account inflation.

The population of the district is provided with retail space in the amount of 830 sq. M per 1000 inhabitants, with a minimum standard of security of 474.7 sq. M. A lot of unclaimed retail space appeared in the district, the construction of trade objects exceeded the real need.

The turnover of the wholesale trade of organizations of all types of activity grew by 0.6%.

The turnover of public catering amounted to 85.7% of last years level.

It should be noted a variety of areas of investment development of the area: chemical industry, furniture production, food production, greenhouse vegetable growing, animal husbandry, horticulture, logistics, trade, sanatorium-resort complex. The volume of investments in fixed assets in 2018 amounted to 3,905.7 million rubles, the rate of 110.7%.

As part of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, the district concluded: in 2016, 9 agreements for a total amount of investments of 26,223.9 million rubles; in 2017, 9 agreements totaling 1,566.7 million rubles; in 2018, 8 agreements totaling 1,974.0 million rubles.

In 2017, the implementation of 5 investment projects for a total amount of 500.2 million rubles was completed, 169 jobs were created, including:

1) Construction of a shopping complex, investor: IP Belov. The volume of utilized investments amounted to 200.0 million rubles. The facility was commissioned, the opening of the shopping center took place in May 2017, 50 jobs were created;

2) "Construction of gas stations on the territory of the Belorechensk urban settlement", investor: Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel LLC. Mastered investments in the amount of 176.7 million rubles., Created 12 jobs;

3) "Placement of production for the manufacture of trailers on the territory of the Ryazan rural settlement", investor: LLC TBS-Module. The volume of investments used was 85.0 million rubles, 70 jobs were created;

4) "Processing of rubber tires on the territory of Belorechensk urban settlement", investor: IP Paskalov. The investments in the amount of 18.5 million rubles were mastered, 11 jobs were created;

5) Creating a logistics center in the territory of the Belorechensk urban settlement, investor: Remmarkstroy-XXI LLC. The volume of investments is 20.0 million rubles. 26 jobs have been created.

In December 2018, the investment project Construction of a hotel complex with a thermal pool was completed, the investor: Termy LLC. It has mastered investments in the amount of 156.6 million rubles, it is planned to create 50 jobs. For the treatment and prevention of diseases, the company will use natural water that is physically and chemically similar to those of known mineral waters (Semigorye, Naftalan, Chartak, Razdan).

In addition, over the past five years, as a result of investments, more than 11 new enterprises have been opened in the Belorechensky district, among them: Kuban-T OOO a canning factory for processing agricultural products with a capacity of 50 million cans of conditional preservation per year and a tea-packing factory; -tochnaya factory, brewery, greenhouse complex "Vegetables of the Krasnodar Territory", apple orchards "Belorechensky orchards" and "White Garden". A greenhouse complex Belorechensky was built: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, leaf lettuce, a factory of reinforced concrete structures, a wholesale market for agricultural products, several apartment buildings of the social housing category were commissioned. In order to improve socio-economic indicators and the quality of life of the population in the region, production is constantly being modernized, a competent marketing policy is being conducted, and the quality of products is being expanded and improved.

Today, 24 investment projects are underway.